January 19, 2008

1st movie, a quiet moment and lots of tickets

The bus was remarkably quiet this morning...it was the last time in 10 days it will look like this...

Once we got food, but before we went to the grocery store, I went to pick up my Adrenaline pass.

An adrenaline pass allows me to see any film screening before 10am and after 10pm. It's a great pass, except for the hours, because you usually can get to see many of the competition films, and you get into all the other festival related venues.

I was shocked by how many films weren't sold out. Last year I had one hell of a time getting extra tickets, although I had great luck with the individual ticket lottery. This year, both JD & I forgot to register for individual ticket, so we can with my pass only.

Without batting an eye, JD bought 5 films he thought looked interesting, and I bought a few as well, so that was exciting. Nothing like being in Park City without movie tickets.

Anyway....long story longer, we met a guy in the Salt Lake airport who then rode with us in the shuttle. His brother has a film here called Secrecy. Turns out that this morning it was playing at 8:30 am, so I thought I would give it a whirl, since JD had plans to check out his new snow board, which apparently rocks by the way. ;)

What a great film. It's a documentary about government secrets and how the creation and cover-up of all these secrets actually inhibits our ability to fight terrorism. What was fascinating about this film, other than the content which was frightening to say the least, was the narrative structure of the film....how they weaved the differing storylines together, how they transitioned from one thought to another, how they shot the interviews with multiple camera angles and made them work...truly remarkable.

The content was frightening...I don't want to be a spoiler for others, but anyone at the fest should see this film. It's really truly frightening how easy it is for our government to just say something is secret and that's all it takes to make it so. There is no oversight, there is no question, there is no peaking at it to see if it really is secret. Just say the word, and the information you have, regardless whether it impacts national security or not, vanishes. Need to cover something up, just call it secret.

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