February 1, 2008

Animations shorts, but just a snippet

Our home away from home!

Yes, it's costs to keep my ass warm, but it's worth every penny!!

Winter bliss...

A little Park City village in the snow at sunrise...

Sundance takes Place...

Obviously not as cool as last year.

OK, so we all take different roads to get there...yea, brilliant concept.

Want some sugar honey?

January 31, 2008

JD vs. the Mountain and the mountain won...

I'm drinking sake - yes again, I love sake, what's your problem!

JD is napping before the Animation shorts. I had some time to kill so thought I would drink some more. I really don't like vodka and juice in the winter time. I don't have a winter drink, except good sake. I love sake. I haven't really had much to drink while I've been here, so it's kinda nice to chill out in an empty bar and get a sake buzz before a movie.

Oh shit...I just finished the Bowie blog and here is Bowie playing in the bar. I found this bar too damn late. The music rocks and they have the best sake in town. Davie Bowie...playing right now, how odd is that.

Anyway, JD's last day of snowboarding was today. HE SURVIVED. He has had a blast on his new board, but the poor boy is dog tired. He's napping again. I actually had to drag his sorry ass out on a Friday night. I can look into that sweet little face of his and see he's totally dead on his feet. The mountain seriously kicked his ass, in a totally great way.

I spent my life on skis as a kid in Michigan, and it kills him that I won't go, but I paid my dues on the mountain. But nostalia brings me back. Maybe next year...

A few more reviews before I leave you...

Bigger, Stronger, Faster - a sports doc on steriods.

I really don't care about the subject matter at all...serious, but I'm cutting a sports doc so I thought I would check it out. It was midnight, I was drunk on saki (video blogs to come later), and I had to pee from the start, so you could saw I was already agitated. BUT, I loved the movie. Such an interesting way to tell a story. The structure was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. I should have stayed for the Q&A, cause I KNOW it would have been fantastic and I would have loved to hear him tell his story...the doc was a personal journey. But, it was late and I had another early morning movie to worry about. I had to get a few hours of sleep if I was to survive today...Saturday, my last day of movies and relaxation.

August - a .com spectrum film

So the sleep thing paid off, only because I blew off the Patti Smith doc at 9:15am. In my tradition of only seeing movies I cared about, I decided I wanted to see the movie that had David Bowie in it. Oh yea, I mentioned that already didn't I. In college, I'm not ashamed to say that my boyfriend wondered who I loved more, because - no shit - the walls of my bedroom were covered like wallpaper with David Bowie. Senior year, as my other roommates lost their head over The Dead, The Cure, and U2, I was madly into David Bowie. Running Gun Blues is such a powerful song. Anyway, I could go on for days...but the movie only had 2 minutes of David Bowie in it. It was worth it. Of course, he's all old and shriveled looking, so I know longer want to have his babies, but he rocked the roll.

Regardless of my love for him, this movie rocked. It was called August, starring Josh Hartnett, Adam Scott, Naomie Harris, Robin Tunney, Rip Torn and David Bowie. It's the story of two brothers who start a .com business in early 2000-2001. It started with them being on top, and followed the troubles of the .com business, but it was really about the relationship between the two brothers, and particularly the life of Josh Hartnett's character. This director is a serious bad ass. What a great film. I loved it. Really well shot, the stylist choices were brilliant and the performances were spot on.

Too much butt crack is not a good thing...seriously...

I have seen more butt crack at this festival than ever before...and I've been exposed too a lot of butt crack over the years. From my dad's flat ass to the plumber's fat ass, from the smoking hot chic to the guy that's too hot to even look at...and they all say the same thing to me...COVER THAT SHIT UP. I do not get turned on seeing 2 inches of your friggin' butt crack. Put away the low-riders or wear a longer shirt. PLEASE GOD, STOP THE MADNESS, COVER YOUR CRACK.

I would post photos know to make my point, but I was not going to poke your eyes out with a stick today. Sorry. Use your imagination.

Not for Public Consumption

I wish I could share with you all I have seen, spoken about and done while I was here in Park City, but some things are just not meant for mass consumption. Nothing illegal and underground or anything, but it's just not to be discussed in a public forum.

I can tell you that I have had an absolute blast this year. I first came to Sundance 3 years ago...I had always wanted to come, but after I left the world of indie filmmaking years ago, I saw no good reason to go. Then I met the Dailies filmmakers, and got pulled back into the world of independent film. Lots of people have talent in Atlanta, but very few have that "it" factor. I met the people that do, and I can't wait to help them get back here with another movie.

My first year here was just to get the lay of the land in case I ever had a chance to bring a film here. Funny how things work out. Year 2 at Sundance was the year of The Signal. Although it was a blast, it's also interesting to travel to a festival like this one with around 30 people. Our entourage should have attended SXSW. It suits them more...and it's easier to navigate as a group - parties, bars, restaurants, etc.. I mean, at Sundance, the venues are so small you can barely fit 100 people in places, so you can't just waltz in with 30 people and expect to get in...well, unless you're a superstar of course.

This year has been no drama, no expectations, no pressure, just doing what I WANT TO, and nothing else. Do I care if I didn't see that buzzed about film? No, frankly, I don't. I've seen amazing movies this year...movies that I was attracted to and nothing more. It's liberating to spend 10 days going anywhere you want, doing anything you want without someone pulling you in another direction, or guilt that you SHOULD be doing something. Screw that. This is the best year so far, and when I bring a film here as the Producer next year, it will mean all that much more.

January 28, 2008

The Sundance Sickness Strikes Again!!

Poor JD.  He is down for the count.  He slept til 2:30pm, but he still looks and sounds like crap. Matt Dentler, programmer for SWSX, wrote in his blog that he got struck down as well upon returning to Austin.

Last year, we all got it and it lasted for months.  The Sundance Sickness is evil and lingers to torture you for all those nights of liquor and no sleep. 

I'm hoping that my trend this year of warding off this evil while others succumb holds true.  I cannot afford to get sick.  I do not have the time to be ill.  It's just not possible, not acceptable.

I will not be sick.  

Video won't load...here are words instead...

I've returned to Atlanta, wiser, yet not.  Wiser for having seen so many good movies, not for needing more sleep before I can make sense.  We got in around midnight and slept til 1pm.  

Anvil, the Story of Anvil.  Holy crap.  What a great movie.  Tragic.  Hopeful.  Sad.  Pathetic. Moving.  Funny.  Abso-friggin-lutely insane.  It's like Spinal Tap, but real.  What you think is a mockumentary, you quickly learn is just honest reality.  Truly frightening, but such a fantastic doc.

I have video clips of all the animated shorts, but they are not uploading, so not sure what the problem is.  Will keep working on it. Have videos of lots of fun moments, lots of POV stuff, so I'm disappointed in the upload errors I keep getting.  Nothing has changed.  The clips are small.