January 14, 2008

Welcome to the 2008 Sundance BLOG

Wow...it took me forever to get this darn thing working again after a year of letting it sit around getting rusty.

In that year, I've been told my blog needs to be, well, better. I assume SCOTT BALZER meant my writing when he questioned my blogging skills.

All I have to say is hey, until YOU go to Sundance, get no sleep, freeze your sweet butt off and have to blog after partying all day and night long...you got nothing you can say...but, I'll do my best.

I never proclaimed to be a writer, I just have a lot to say...and it's so much easier to say it than to write it...so expect some more picture blogs this year. I've got a new camera and hopefully, I won't be too lazy to carry it around. We'll see.

Anyway...this is the last bit of skin you will see from me this year as the forecast calls for BELOW FREEZING weather the whole 10 days! Yea.



SCENES FROM THE DOC....from the cutting room floor...

and scenes from last year....

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