January 31, 2008

Not for Public Consumption

I wish I could share with you all I have seen, spoken about and done while I was here in Park City, but some things are just not meant for mass consumption. Nothing illegal and underground or anything, but it's just not to be discussed in a public forum.

I can tell you that I have had an absolute blast this year. I first came to Sundance 3 years ago...I had always wanted to come, but after I left the world of indie filmmaking years ago, I saw no good reason to go. Then I met the Dailies filmmakers, and got pulled back into the world of independent film. Lots of people have talent in Atlanta, but very few have that "it" factor. I met the people that do, and I can't wait to help them get back here with another movie.

My first year here was just to get the lay of the land in case I ever had a chance to bring a film here. Funny how things work out. Year 2 at Sundance was the year of The Signal. Although it was a blast, it's also interesting to travel to a festival like this one with around 30 people. Our entourage should have attended SXSW. It suits them more...and it's easier to navigate as a group - parties, bars, restaurants, etc.. I mean, at Sundance, the venues are so small you can barely fit 100 people in places, so you can't just waltz in with 30 people and expect to get in...well, unless you're a superstar of course.

This year has been no drama, no expectations, no pressure, just doing what I WANT TO, and nothing else. Do I care if I didn't see that buzzed about film? No, frankly, I don't. I've seen amazing movies this year...movies that I was attracted to and nothing more. It's liberating to spend 10 days going anywhere you want, doing anything you want without someone pulling you in another direction, or guilt that you SHOULD be doing something. Screw that. This is the best year so far, and when I bring a film here as the Producer next year, it will mean all that much more.

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