January 31, 2008

A few more reviews before I leave you...

Bigger, Stronger, Faster - a sports doc on steriods.

I really don't care about the subject matter at all...serious, but I'm cutting a sports doc so I thought I would check it out. It was midnight, I was drunk on saki (video blogs to come later), and I had to pee from the start, so you could saw I was already agitated. BUT, I loved the movie. Such an interesting way to tell a story. The structure was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. I should have stayed for the Q&A, cause I KNOW it would have been fantastic and I would have loved to hear him tell his story...the doc was a personal journey. But, it was late and I had another early morning movie to worry about. I had to get a few hours of sleep if I was to survive today...Saturday, my last day of movies and relaxation.

August - a .com spectrum film

So the sleep thing paid off, only because I blew off the Patti Smith doc at 9:15am. In my tradition of only seeing movies I cared about, I decided I wanted to see the movie that had David Bowie in it. Oh yea, I mentioned that already didn't I. In college, I'm not ashamed to say that my boyfriend wondered who I loved more, because - no shit - the walls of my bedroom were covered like wallpaper with David Bowie. Senior year, as my other roommates lost their head over The Dead, The Cure, and U2, I was madly into David Bowie. Running Gun Blues is such a powerful song. Anyway, I could go on for days...but the movie only had 2 minutes of David Bowie in it. It was worth it. Of course, he's all old and shriveled looking, so I know longer want to have his babies, but he rocked the roll.

Regardless of my love for him, this movie rocked. It was called August, starring Josh Hartnett, Adam Scott, Naomie Harris, Robin Tunney, Rip Torn and David Bowie. It's the story of two brothers who start a .com business in early 2000-2001. It started with them being on top, and followed the troubles of the .com business, but it was really about the relationship between the two brothers, and particularly the life of Josh Hartnett's character. This director is a serious bad ass. What a great film. I loved it. Really well shot, the stylist choices were brilliant and the performances were spot on.

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