January 31, 2008

JD vs. the Mountain and the mountain won...

I'm drinking sake - yes again, I love sake, what's your problem!

JD is napping before the Animation shorts. I had some time to kill so thought I would drink some more. I really don't like vodka and juice in the winter time. I don't have a winter drink, except good sake. I love sake. I haven't really had much to drink while I've been here, so it's kinda nice to chill out in an empty bar and get a sake buzz before a movie.

Oh shit...I just finished the Bowie blog and here is Bowie playing in the bar. I found this bar too damn late. The music rocks and they have the best sake in town. Davie Bowie...playing right now, how odd is that.

Anyway, JD's last day of snowboarding was today. HE SURVIVED. He has had a blast on his new board, but the poor boy is dog tired. He's napping again. I actually had to drag his sorry ass out on a Friday night. I can look into that sweet little face of his and see he's totally dead on his feet. The mountain seriously kicked his ass, in a totally great way.

I spent my life on skis as a kid in Michigan, and it kills him that I won't go, but I paid my dues on the mountain. But nostalia brings me back. Maybe next year...

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