January 28, 2008

Video won't load...here are words instead...

I've returned to Atlanta, wiser, yet not.  Wiser for having seen so many good movies, not for needing more sleep before I can make sense.  We got in around midnight and slept til 1pm.  

Anvil, the Story of Anvil.  Holy crap.  What a great movie.  Tragic.  Hopeful.  Sad.  Pathetic. Moving.  Funny.  Abso-friggin-lutely insane.  It's like Spinal Tap, but real.  What you think is a mockumentary, you quickly learn is just honest reality.  Truly frightening, but such a fantastic doc.

I have video clips of all the animated shorts, but they are not uploading, so not sure what the problem is.  Will keep working on it. Have videos of lots of fun moments, lots of POV stuff, so I'm disappointed in the upload errors I keep getting.  Nothing has changed.  The clips are small. 

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