January 21, 2008

How far behind on my blogging am I?

Let's see. I'll catch you up on all the little BS first...

Friday night the power went out for 30 minutes or so and the whole town freaked. People yelling in the streets...300 people stuck in a dark club...patrons stuck in their seats in a dark theater...us in bed listening to people screaming outside as we noticed our power went out. Exciting stuff you know.

Saturday as you know I saw Secrecy. Great movie. Ran into the directors brother again today. We both saw 'Be Kind, Rewind' and both disliked it. I also snagged some swag for a few people.

Did I blog about The Linguist? Wow. What an amazing movie. Not in a filmmaking sense, but in the sense that I've been involved with something like their quest. Two linguists are trying to record dying languages around the world before they disappear. The two men are very different and very funny characters. I guess the movie resonated deeply with me because of my work in Bhutan. My best friends brother Joseph Houseal, run a company called Core of Culture (www.coreofculture.org) and is trying to record all the sacred ancient Buddhist monastic dance before it dies off too. Every two weeks another language becomes extinct. Every two weeks. Culture is dying in the name of homogenization. It's sad because with the loss of language, you lose its art, its culture and its history.

Another amazing thing about this movie for me was that it was at 11:30pm and afterward for the Q&A, only about 10 people in 300 left the theater. Usually at these late night screenings, most people bail, but everyone stayed til the end. It was a testament to the story and the longing we all have to know our own stories and pass them on.

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