January 21, 2008

puujee... or how my heart melted broke in two

I love Asian films, but not the action adventure, sword fighting kind.. the slow moving cultural films.

puujee is a documentary set in Mongolia. It follows a Japanese photographer who traveled around the world and found this 8 year old girl named puujee that he recognized as a very strong and amazing little girl. puujee and her family are nomadic sheep hearders and they live a very rough life. I understood this element having been in Bhutan and hearing stories of the nomads and meeting some. Life is very difficult. This film was just filled with tragedy. They didn't start out making a doc, but after a final tragedy decided to tell the story. I knew going in it was going to have to end that way, but I hoped it wouldn't. I'm tired of crying in documentaries. Can't more stories be happy or uplifting or have some damn comedy to them?

I'm sorry I'm not giving you more details about the movies, but I don't want to spoil them in case you get a chance to see them.

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