January 26, 2008

Whew...am I dead yet?

Wow...so much to write, so little time.  The internet is still down in the condo, which makes blogging much harder.  The iphone is not good for blogging.

OK, so where did I leave off...

I've gotten free sunglasses, luggage tags and a blockbuster movie rental.

I was going to going to go see the movie choke yesterday, but then read 3 bad reviews on the way there, so I decided to bail...at that moment the bus stopped at the Marriot and I saw some skinny kid all bundled up.  I knew instantly that must be Alex Orr.  So I jumped out and said hello.  While we were talking WILLIAM H MACY walked into the hotel.  I also saw one of the guys from AINT IT COOL NEWS that I met in SXSW.  We had a great chat on the bus after we said goodbye to Alex and on the way to the Yarrow.  

I tried to get tickets to American Teen, but they actually turned away ticket holders, which was crazy.  Not even the #1 person in the wait list got a ticket.  So, I trudged back to Main Street.
On the way there, I found out that the TBA screening at the Egyptian was the film 'UP THE YANGTZE'.  I had been trying to get tickets to that screening, but without luck.  So, I trudged up the hill and got a wait list #.  15th in line, so good chance.

Once I came back 30 minutes before the screening, I was chatting away with a student who is getting college credit for seeing movies, a man walked up with tickets.  I jumped on him immediately and bought a ticket.  Joining a new and better line, I gave up my number to the guy who was too slow to buy a ticket, as he had #87.

What a fantastic movie.  Incredibly well done and thought out in advance.  Incredible access and trust by his subjects.  I was blown away by the story and the culture, and how America is corrupting the culture around the world.

More movies later as I need to go see a movie with David Bowie...because I love him!!!

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