January 22, 2008

Some smoked pork and a sominex later...I meet with HBO

Last night, after blogging about puujee and catching back up, I decided to try to nap before dinner.  By the time JD returned to the condo to wake me up, I had just started to drift off...no nap for me damn it.  I was still dog tired.

So I dragged my butt out of bed, got dressed and off went to go in search of food.  Someone mentioned Bandits, the BBQ smoke house, so we thought we would give it a try.  Oh my god. Great food.  I had smoked pork, with cinnamon apples, fries and grilled green beans.  Yummy.  I had about 5 bites and I was ready for bed.

By the time we got home and I went to bed, it was midnight.  I decided earlier in the day, that the only way to push out the thoughts of my doc edit, which keep me up at night, was to buy some sleep aides.  So a sominex later and I got a solid 5 hours of sleep before I popped awake.  I drifted back off finally, and then the alarm went off for my 8:30am movie.  At 7:20, when I tried to get out of bed, I was so dizzy and sick feeling, that I laid back down til 10.  Would have liked to see Matthew Broderick and Alan Alda in Diminished Capacity this morning, but I just couldn't do it.  But now, I'm feeling like a million bucks.  I'm back in action and ready for today's parties - docs and sushi from 5-7 and kodak from 10-1am.

Last year you may remember that Sundance put on a group of meetings for indie filmmakers and funders and broadcasters.  I attended again this year and met with Lisa Heller from HBO. She's the VP of original programming.  She remembered me from last year, which was cool. Pitch went well, but she steered me to their sports doc people, as she doesn't handle sports docs.  Good meeting, good connections.

Gotta go to another doc meet and greet...more on this later and maybe I'll take some pictures for you.  ;)

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mdfriedman said...

You're welcome for the Bandits suggestion.