January 24, 2008

Pretty Bird and Sleep Dealer

Pretty Bird was really well done.  Paul Giamatti is brilliant, but this isn't news.  Billy Crudup was amazing as he strattled the line between over the top and perfect for the character.  Great movie. I really enjoyed this.  JD had some issues with the execution...he found the camera jumping the line a lot and odd composition, but frankly, I felt like the choices were stylist ones, not mistakes....but what the hell do I know.  I was entertained.

And the director is an actor.  His Q & A was hysterical.  I would love to see this guy do standup.

Sleep Dealer.  Hmm.  Great story, brilliant concept.  First time director, poor performances.

I gotta tell ya, a good story is a must, but if you screw it all up with poor performances, it just doesn't matter anymore.  I would like to see the idea remade with better actors, but he did a great job creating an environment that was futuristic, but also felt very now.

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