January 21, 2008

Monday feels like Friday...and taking stars photos

Got up to see 'Be Kind Rewind' as I've mentioned a few times. Just not a good movie. I like the message - film is community and community is film. I loved Mos Def. He just keeps getting better and better as an actor. I really dig him alot. Jack Black was the usual over the top Jack Black. He cannot act. It's just the same guy in every movie and I'm pretty over it.

They did some really creative things in the movie, but it was so overshadowed by poor writing, substandard plot devices and formulaic storytelling that I was just left wondering why I got out of bed.

BTW - does is look cold. It's 9 degrees.

I also spoke to Matthew Perry from friends fame. I was walking in front of him up Main and literally, 20 photographers asked him "Hey Matt, how do you like the festival so far?", and finally I turned around and said "Hey Matt, how do you like answering the same stupid question over and over again?" He laughed and smiled and I went back to my business.

Do I have photos? No. Here's the thing. I'm not star stuck. Personally, I think our fascination with movie stars is sick and that they should be allowed to walk down the street or have a bite to eat without people taking pictures or bothering them. I know - the price of fame. Whatever. I think it's just rude, so that's why I have a hard time taking photos of stars for you. Sorry. I did try to get a photo of Dan Rather, but he vanished into thin air after I spotted him.

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Lynn said...

Hi girl, I'm the same way. I've bumped into many celebs over the years, but have never taken a photo. Although I did take a picture of George Lucas' half eaten dinner plate once, but that's another story. Hope you're having a great time. Lynn