January 21, 2008

I'm so tired...

I'm just too tired to blog..it won't make any sense, as I'm about to fall over...

Movies to blog about - Be Kind Rewind by MIchael Gondry - I ask why oh why did he make this movie?

The Great Buck Howard - liked it

The Linguists - loved it

Go Pat, boo Giants

sleepy sleepy sleepy
more later that is actually intelligent I hope...sleepy sleepy

Mark Wynns and I are meeting for lunch at the Utah Film Commission filmmakers brunch...I'm hungry now though...sleepy

No time for naps, naps are for sissies...I'm old though, sleepy sleepy, I want to see another movie...Puujee, a Mongolian film, but I'm sleepy sleepy and I have another movie tonight at midnight....sleepy

I have to go talk to doc distributors and festival programmers, but I'm too sleepy sleepy to hold a conversat slllllllllllleeeeeeeeep

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