January 25, 2008

Stupid video blog...stupid wait list...stupid ushers...

For some reason, I'm having serious issues loading videos, so unless they are really really short, you won't be seeing them here.  Sorry, cause I got some fun stuff.

Saw Alex Orr this morning.  He seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit...seeing lots and lots of movies between freezing outdoors.

JD is off on the slopes again, so I'm just chilling out..visiting with friends and failing at wait list lines.

I'm not having good luck this year on tickets.  You have to get there 2 -  yes 2  - hours early this year for the wait list, which means if you are in a movie, you will never get out and back in line to see another.  Movies generally let out about 1-1.5 hours before the next one starts, so by the time you get a wait list number, it's high enough that you know you won't be getting in.  Wait list #77 when there are less than 200 seats...yea, not gonna happen.

In addition, they have been calling movies "sold out" when there are actually seats in the theater still.  This is maddening to me.  I have friends in the wait list line that tell me the movie is sold out, yet, I have a seat available on either side of me.  Last year, they were militant about making sure all available seats were filled.  They are losing so much money on this, it's pathetic. And I think of all the people who are missing out on a chance to see a film because the ushers and theater managers just don't seem to give a shit.  I'm enjoying the extra leg room, but seriously they should be packing them in like sardines so that as many people as possible can see the movie.

I blew off a morning movie, failed at getting tickets later, but found out that the TBA screening at the Egyptian is the doc "up the yangtze".  Since I have time to kill, I'll be heading up there shortly to stand in line and try to get a good wait list number.  I did that for The Drummer last night.  3rd in line for the wait list and then someone had a ticket for sale and I grabbed it.  Very happy about that.

Wish me luck!!

Hopefully I'll also get tickets to IOUSA then see Bigger Stronger Faster on the adrenaline pass. Both docs with a good buzz.

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